Our warehouse management system in line with the highest international safety control and its one of the most modern facilities are having for logistics and operations.

Our warehouse is divided into try, chilled and frozen divisions to cater for the storage requirement of each product.

  • Warehouse 1 - Industria area #35 area - 1000 sqft(including cold room)

  • Warehouse 2 - Logistics park A zone Area Birkat al Awamir - 5000 sqft

five group

The company's vision of "All under one roof" came true as our outlets have multiple storage facilities in industrial areas 37, 36, 38 and Bu Faseela logistic park. With an exceptional storage space that has more than 16,000 sqm. The accommodation of employees was moved right behind the store to make their lives easier, which resulted in increased yield.

We know who our customer is and we’re a company standing firm with our point of view.
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